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What is ‘TEFL’?

We provide an essential piece of teacher training known as a TEFL course. Earning this qualification enables adventurous people to teach English overseas, or even online.

It gives them the foundational skills, understanding of key teaching topics, and tests their understanding. After completing the course they’ll get a digital and hard copy of their TEFL certificate, and can use this to gain teaching work.

It takes people 2-4 weeks to complete the course, and can be done online all from the comfort of their home.

Ideal partners

Our affiliate program is perfect for several demographics:

Travel sites/blogs: With our qualification, your audience can literally get paid to travel the world. We have partner schools in China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Spain. We help our graduates gain job placements at these schools, or provide guidance for them to teach in other countries too.

 Parenting sites/blogs: Our qualification and training also enables people to teach English through the internet. This is an industry which is becoming very popular as a way for parents to build additional skills, and gain an extra income around their other work/family duties.

 Student forums/sites: Many students dream of taking a gap-year after college/university, but the funds don’t always match up. With our support, they can not only take that gap-year, but also build additional skills which can help them to transition from teaching into other careers. By living overseas they’ll also have the chance to access valuable foreign job markets.

 Employment/skill development sites: As it can be easy to start teaching English without previous experience, and we provide full employment guidance, it’s a great way for people to shift gears in the life and start a new path in a relatively short amount of time.

I recently finished Let’s TEFL’s ultimate 120-hour TEFL course… One word to describe the experience – GREAT.

Danny Cayetano – California, US.

Thank you Let’s TEFL for my certificate and for helping me to find a job so fast!

Valentina Sanchez – Adelaide, Australia.

After talking with their tutors who have been through this all themselves it really made a huge difference.

David Lawson – Bradford, UK.

Excellent course! It took me a little over two months to complete and i’ve learned so much…

Chang Lin – Wellington, New Zealand.

Very happy to have finished my TEFL course and have already secured a job in China!

Luke Hartford – Calgary, Canada.

Why Let’s TEFL?

We offer a genuinely good deal for our customers:

☑  Affordable price: Our course can be bought for just $199. Online teachers can make this back within 2 weeks of teaching, and overseas teachers can earn up to $3,000 per month even without experience.

☑  Videos guide for online teaching: A recent poll shows 50% of people getting TEFL courses intend to teach online from home. With our course, we include a whole video guide module specifically for teaching online – presented by a real online teacher.

☑  Tutor support: We have experienced tutors online and ready to help our customers for an average of 16 hours per day.

☑  Job placement guarantee: We have excellent partner schools around the world, and guarantee our course graduates a placement with them if they meet the visa requirements.

☑  Excellent reviews: You can view verified reviews from our happy customers at Go Overseas, Go Abroad, and TEFL Course Review.

Read customer reviews.

How do I promote the course?

Introducing your audience to TEFL can be as simple as creating an “Intro to teaching English overseas/online”
post, explainer video, a packing list, or sharing your link on social media.

We provide you with plenty of help and support, including assistance with writing guides/blog posts and providing affiliate banners. We also have a range of excellent resources which you can link directly to, and still earn a commission off any sales made:

> Introduction to TEFL
> TEFL course info
> Destination guides
> Teaching online guide
> Parent’s guide to teaching online
> Our jobs in China / Japan / Taiwan / Thailand / Korea

Introduction guides, blog posts, packing lists, and banners are great ways to earn consistent sales.

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