Teaching English in Argentina

Everything you need to know about teaching English in the land that beats to your rhythm.

Tango, soccer, a vast natural wonderland, and world-class cuisine are just a few of the attributes the set the country of Argentina apart from other teaching destinations.

Located in the southern half of South America, it is the world’s eighth-largest country and the largest Spanish-speaking nation. Many of the people who visit Argentina end up dreaming of living here due to the country’s relatively cheap cost of living and low housing costs, especially when you choose to settle in a smaller city or town. Bursting with adventure, an infectious lust for life, and a mix of the old and new, Argentina is the perfect location for those looking to teach English abroad.



Based on your experience and qualifications, average monthly salaries range from 12,200 – 22,500 ARS.

(That’s $600 – $1,200 USD)



With a relatively low cost of living, you can live comfortably in Argentina, with ample time to the country’s eclectic nightlife, famous beaches, and beautiful waterfalls.



Although Spanish is the most spoken language in Argentina, English comes a close second which means that you will not have a problem communicating here.



Most of Argentina is relatively temperate except certain regions like Buenos Aires that is hot and humid in summer and very cold during winter and the Patagonian Andes that are cool in summer and very cold in winter.

TEFL Wages in Argentina

Argentina is a Mecca for English teachers who have the option to teach English online or take on private students. On average, an English teacher can earn $600 – $1,200 USD teaching 20-25 hours per week. To earn an extra buck, you can take on private students and earn from $10 to $15 an hour.

Class type: Wages:
Public school $600-$1,000 p/m
Language center $800-$1,200 p/m
Private tutoring $10-$15 p/h

Whether you choose the capital Buenos Aires, or smaller cities like Mendoza, Cordoba, and Mar del Plata, the cost of living in Argentina is relatively low and there is ample time to travel and explore this beautiful country.

On the flip side, it is important to note that you may not save much money teaching English in Argentina, as wages come rather close to the average expat’s living costs.

Where to teach English in Argentina

As the eight-largest country in the world, there’s a whole lot of options to choose from. Whether you prefer meandering through cobblestoned streets, or exploring the wild countryside, you’ll certainly find a space in Argentina to call home.

Here are some of the top picks of teaching destinations in Argentina:

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Food in Argentina

It is no secret that Argentinians love their food and are mostly known for their beef-oriented diet. Although Argentina is the home of steak, vegetarians are not left out as there are lots of vegetarian restaurants especially in the capital Buenos Aires. This may not be so for the rest of Argentina as many Argentines believe that meat is good for the body.

English teaching requirements in Argentina

To teach English in Argentina, you’ll have to meet several requirements set by the government. For the most part, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

While it can be possible to secure a job online from home, most interviews are conducted face to face in Argentina, therefore, you must be ready to visit if you want to teach English here.

We’d recommend saving some money up before you come, with most teachers’ start-up costs ranging between $1,500 – $2,000 USD. You should also time your arrival for the peak hiring seasons of Feb/March and July/August.

Calling non-native speakers & those without degrees: Argentina could be a great destination for you!  You don’t need to be a native English speaker to teach in Argentina, and you don’t need a degree either!

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