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How to find schools using Google

How to use Google to find schools overseas In the olden days, it could be difficult to find schools overseas. You'd either need to rely on face-to-face networking, walking countless miles, or going through phone directories (in foreign languages) to find schools that you could call up. It could take [...]

How to fly to a country and job-hunt in-person

How to fly to a country and job-hunt in person In this guide, we are going to look at how you can safely fly to another country and secure a great English teaching job. Contents: What are the advantages for job-hunting in person? Budget for your trip Use [...]

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Read tips and guides surrounding teaching English overseas and online, learn about your job prospects, and navigate visa processes.


Learn about our partner schools and read interviews with our course graduates who are now teaching online and overseas.

Meet Johnny – From our partner schools in China

Johnny works for Education First (EF) - one of our trusted partner schools in China - and helps our graduates make a safe and smooth transition into teaching. "Hey, I'm Johnny Xia, a Senior Foreign Affair Specialist at Education First in Wuxi, China. If you’re interested in Chinese culture and history, even looking for ESL teaching job, don’t [...]

Teaching experiences

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My Life Teaching in Turkey

My Life Teaching in Turkey Turkey is an amazing country. Unfortunately, due to recent events, Turkey has received a shaky-at-best reputation in the media. I am here [...]

My Time Teaching in Hong Kong

My time teaching in Hong Kong Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am an ESL teacher from the UK. After spending some time travelling after finishing my degree back home, I was on the road and thinking I need [...]

My 4 Years Teaching English in Qatar

My 4 Years Teaching English in Qatar Hi! I'm Neel, a teacher from the UK in my mid 30s and I’ve been teaching in Doha, Qatar for 4 years now. My wife got a job offer here and we decided [...]

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